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What Is Low-Impact Paintball?

Paintball can be a great way to enjoy a day out with friends and family. However, not everyone is fond of the pain you can feel from a paintball shot. Luckily, low-impact paintball removes that concern! So, what is low-impact paintball?

Low-impact paintballs are smaller than traditional ones. Because of their smaller size, low-impact paintballers can enjoy the sport more freely, with less pain on impact, less equipment required, and more people willing to play. 

Read on to learn more about low-impact paintball. If you shy away from taking big hits from traditional paintballs, low-impact paintball provides an equal amount of fun with less risk of pain or minor injury. It is also worth noting the specific differences between low-impact paintballs and traditional paintballs.

What Is Low-Impact Paintball?

Low-impact paintball is a paintball game that uses smaller markers and smaller paintballs, allowing for a less painful, more agile sport. Here at Action Jack’s, we take pride in providing the most authentic paintball experience with the benefit of low-impact paintballs. 

Using .50 caliber paintballs as opposed to traditional, .68 caliber paintballs, low-impact paintball is better suited for kids and anyone who does not consider themselves an experienced player.

Advantages of Low-Impact Paintball

As a result of the smaller equipment used in low-impact paintball, you can benefit from several advantages:

  • Less Sting On Impact
  • Lighter/Less Gear 
  • Better Agility Allowance
  • Close-Range Play
  • Stain Free Paint

Let’s dive deeper into each of these advantages below.

Less Sting on Impact

Comparatively, the smaller .50 caliber paintballs are much less painful than traditional paintballs. That is not to say that you will not feel any sting when hit by a low-impact paintball, but you are much less likely to walk away with various painful bruises as you might after a traditional paintball session. Most people say getting hit with a .50 caliber paintball feels like a rubber band snap.

Low-impact paintballs have less sting than traditional sized paintballs.

Do Low-Impact Paintballs Hurt?

Low-impact paintballs sting substantially less than a traditional paintball. Since they are only .50 caliber and weigh less than half of a traditional paintball, tests have shown their impact transfers to just 5 joules of force, while a traditional paintball can transfer over 13. 

Even after understanding that the paintballs are smaller, you might be wondering how it actually makes a difference. If the paintballs are smaller, would they be able to be shot at a greater speed, making the pain the same – if not more – than a traditional paintball?

As mentioned earlier, the markers used in low-impact paintball are also smaller than the markers in traditional paintball. So, they will not pack as much of a punch as a traditional paintball marker. While they still use CO2 tank technology for firing, the smaller size prevents the markers from firing too powerfully or as far as a traditional paintball marker.

Less gear is needed to play low-impact paintball vs. traditional paintball!

Less Gear Required

Another thing to note is the amount of gear you do or do not have to wear for low-impact paintball. Full face masks are still necessary (and provided for you at Action Jack’s), but you might not feel the need to wear as many protective layers. 

In most cases, a long sleeve shirt and long pants can do the job. Of course, if you want additional padding, that is perfectly fine, and most low-impact paintball facilities like Action Jack’s will be able to provide such equipment.

What Should I Wear For Low-Impact Paintball?

We recommend wearing a long sleeve shirt, long pants, and comfortable (close-toed) shoes you can run around in if you play low-impact paintball. There are no restrictions on additional protection you might want to wear. 

If chest pads make you more comfortable, that is fine. As has already been established, there is still a sting from low-impact paintballs; it is just less painful than traditional paintballs.

Better Agility Allowance

Because you are using a smaller marker and paintballs, you will be hauling less weight. The weight of a low-impact paintball is less than half of the weight of a traditional paintball, meaning that even if your marker is loaded to the max with low-impact paintballs, it will not even weigh half as much as a normal paintball marker. 

Also, the paintball marker itself is smaller and lighter, so you can maneuver around obstacles more quickly. This can make your experience more enjoyable, as you do not have to worry about lugging around a huge marker to hide from your opponents or get quick shots out.

Close-Range Play

Lastly, low-impact paintball is better suited for paintballing in close-range situations. Many low-impact paintball facilities are indoors, meaning that there is a larger likelihood their arenas are smaller than traditional paintball fields. Indoor fields allow you to play regardless of the weather and without worrying about getting muddy!

Paint Doesn’t Stain

Low-impact paintballs won’t stain your clothes if they splatter on you, which is a significant convenience worth noting! You don’t have to worry about ruining your clothes or making sure you planned ahead and brought junk clothes. 

Low-Impact Paintball Vs. Regular Paintball

Low-impact paintball is a less painful way to enjoy an almost identical game to traditional paintball. 

The main difference between low-impact paintballs and traditional paintballs is that low-impact paintballs are smaller. As a result, a few other differences can be seen in a game of low-impact paintball. 

It is not that traditional paintball is overly dangerous or needs to be avoided. If you are more experienced and like the challenge of dodging more powerful paintballs, traditional paintball can be great! However, more people can enjoy low-impact paintball. 

Along with higher pain tolerance, traditional paintball might also require a bit more experience, heavier equipment, and a bigger commitment. It takes some talent to be skilled at paintball, but low-impact paintball is great for beginners and kids!


Low-impact paintball is a great way to enjoy the experience of paintballing while decreasing the sting you might feel from regular paintballs. With less equipment and lighter materials, you can have fun while practicing your agility and honing your paintball skills against your opponents!

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